The Best Ways to Remind Yourself to Take Your Pill

It seems that taking pills is never as easy as the doctor makes out. You “only” have to take them a set number of times a day, sometimes with a gap between popping the pill and eating food, sometimes with food, etc. The list goes on. It’s bad enough with one or two pills but how can you cope when you’ve got lots at all sorts of intervals?

Visual reminders

These seem to work best for first thing in the morning and last thing at night pills although they can also work if there’s another thing you need to do at or around pill time and you can guarantee you’ll be in that location every time you need to take the pill.

A visual reminder can be as simple as leaving the pill box somewhere obvious such as your bedside table.

Or it could be a Post It note on the fridge or somewhere else you know you’ll be going regularly.

Use a pill box

When your doctor decides that your pill routine needs to become more complicated, a cheap pill box from somewhere like Amazon works a treat.

Pre-load it with a day or a week’s worth of pills and keep it close by you, checking at regular intervals.

This also helps keep track of which pills you’ve taken throughout the day as this gets more difficult the more pills you ingest.

Use your phone alarm

Setting up an alarm on your mobile phone will probably be annoying (for other people as much as for you) but can be a simple trigger to take your pills.

Most modern phones have recurring alarms in their calendar and so long as you make the alarm message meaningful then you’ll know which pill you need to take when. Of course, you still need access to your pills so if you’re going out for the day, make sure they travel with you!

You may even be able to find a text messaging service that will text you an alert when you need to take each pill. This is obviously more expensive than using the built-in calendar but is definitely an option worth considering.

Learn to make it a habit

Habits take around 14 days to form. Set up more triggers than you’d think sensible at first to make sure that taking your pills regularly actually happens. Over time, reduce the triggers once you find that you’re remembering to take your pills on a regular basis.

Enlist a friend

Especially while you’re getting used to a new pill, ask a trusted friend to help remind you and check that you’ve taken your medicine. Most pills aren’t so precise that they have to be taken spot on a particular time, so if you’re meeting your friend for a coffee it could be one of the things they ask you along with the regular “How are you” type of questions.

Use hypnosis

There are downloadable hypnosis tracks available that will help train your brain to easily remember to take your pills. They’re inexpensive and will add to your armory to help you to remember to take your pills regularly.

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If you take some basic, cheap compound, like sugar, salt, or baking soda and add a little bit of some active ingredient like horny goat weed, then you have very, very cheap pills. So, now, you have a cheap pill, with no scientific evidence backing up its effectiveness, and you can set your sales price at whatever you want. Realistically, these pills are probably produced for under 30 cents each when salaries, rent, and raw materials are factored in.

For some companies it’s probably below this level. So, now, you can set your sales price sky high, and everything is left up to your marketing campaigns. This is why you see so many infomercials and get so much penis pill spam. Because this is the cheapest advertising you can get your hands on. And these companies are all about cheap.

365 Day Diet Pill Review – Cheap Weight Loss That Works?

If you could buy a years supply of dieting pills that costs less than $80 for a year, would you buy it?

It’s certainly an attractive price, but does the 365 Day Diet Pill actually work or will you simply be wasting your money? We took a look at this cheap diet product and reveal what we found.

So what is this weight loss supplement?

The 365 Day Pill contains what’s called a “thermogenic formula” designed to give you more energy and burn more fat so that you can become lean.

The ingredients three sources of caffeine (very popular in fat burners!) along with a combination of amino acids, herbs, minerals and extracts. The exact amounts of these ingredients are not revealed, so we cannot tell the potency of them within each pill!

Does it actually work?

The large amount of caffeine will have a mild affect at increasing heart rate and metabolism, but the effects will be short lived as you get used to it. The effect is not much unlike drinking a number of coffees!

As such there is no scientific evidence that 365 Day Diet Pill actually works – instead you are likely paying for a supplement that is only increasing your caffeine levels each day!

365 Day Pill Recommended

Whilst many of us shop by price, having such a cheap dieting product may seem attractive, but the saying “you pay for what you get” holds true here. The makers of 365 seem to focus more on the cheapness of this supplement than to highlighting its scientific backing as a weight loss aid!

In truth, you are much better paying more money for a rock-solid product that can guarantee the reduction in weight you are after. There are supplements that can give you the confidence and guarantee that they work, without costing the earth.