Dangerous Diet Pills

Cheap diet pills are a dangerous trend causing severe side effects including death to some users..

Who is buys these cheap diet pills? The short answer is just about everyone. All types of people are are putting out their hard earned money to buy cheap diet pills as a possible “quick fix” for long term weight loss. The companies that manufacture these products make big promises and make bigger profits.

These cheap diet pills are all over the counter medications. Cheap diet pills are the fastest growing portion of the over the counter diet pill industry. Most of these medications are not regulated by the FDA.

Do you realize the implications of the previous line. Cheap diet pills that are offered to a consumer with no prescriptions have never been tested by the FDA, and they are not subject to dosage and labeling requirements. Although the manufacturers of cheap diet pills claim that these are not drugs but rather food supplements, the bottom line is that these pills really are drugs.

You might want to consider not using an appetite suppressant to quickly shed a few pounds from your spreading waist or big thighs. A recent study has found that a main ingredient in over-the-counter diet pills may increase the risk of stroke in women.

When you begin to take a diet pill it changes your body’s natural ability to digest food correctly and changes your metabolism. It changes the way food is digested in your body and makes you feel full when you really aren’t. Diet pills also lower your body’s immune system and that makes you more likely to catching more illnesses.

This is a list of side effects that some dangerous diet pills can cause:




Stomach cramps,


Heart problems

Irregular heart beat,

Blurred Vision,

Nervous behavior,


Hair loss,


High Blood pressure,



Chest Pains,



While some of these possible side effects may be the case of overdose. Each diet pill states their possible side effects on the bottle itself. Read all directions and warnings before you take take any diet pill. You want to avoid any accidental overdose. You also need to talk to your doctor before starting any regimen!

A recent university investigation advisory panel, of stroke patients, recommended that phenylpropanolamine (PPA) be removed from over-the-counter appetite suppressants and cold medicines. The FDA is evaluating whether PPA should be discontinued as an active ingredient in over-the-counter medication.

This article has accomplished its task if it made you think twice before taking diet pills. Recent medical advances have made available amazing new weight loss products. Search them out.