Penis Pill Pushers Make Tons of Money, They Don’t Want You to Learn This Free 3 Inch Gaining Method

Whenever I tell guys that they can make their penis bigger with just their hands, they look at me like I am the dumbest man on the planet. If I were really smart, I would just keep my mouth shut, and keep to myself. I mean it will just make my penis that much bigger if I keep up the exercises, and the rest of the population doesn’t know what’s going on. However, there are bigger forces at work here besides ego. The biggest force in this network of forces is the penis pill industry that has been scamming men for decades with their high on promises, low on results marketing tactics. You may be asking, well if they scam all these people, how do they manage to stay in business. Well, it is quite a nice industry to be in, and hear is how it works.

If you take some basic, cheap compound, like sugar, salt, or baking soda and add a little bit of some active ingredient like horny goat weed, then you have very, very cheap pills. So, now, you have a cheap pill, with no scientific evidence backing up its effectiveness, and you can set your sales price at whatever you want. Realistically, these pills are probably produced for under 30 cents each when salaries, rent, and raw materials are factored in.

For some companies it’s probably below this level. So, now, you can set your sales price sky high, and everything is left up to your marketing campaigns. This is why you see so many infomercials and get so much penis pill spam. Because this is the cheapest advertising you can get your hands on. And these companies are all about cheap.