The Bad Side Effects of Diet Pills

Weight loss is an ongoing problem for over 60 percent of the Americans. No wonder people opt for these pills hoping to find a miraculous solution for weight loss. Though these pills are advertised, the fact remains that they are not the real substitutes to healthy and nutritious diet and regular exercise routine.

Since the demand for these pills have increased in the last few years, suppliers have crowded the market with some cheap and dangerous “pills”. People who are unaware of the potential side effects end up with serious problems consuming these pills. Added to this, many diet pills come under the category of “diet supplements” and are not approved by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Hence, their side effects are not documented.

Some of these pills contain substances like amphetamines as key ingredients which are quite harmful. Side effects of these cheap pills include anxiety, diarrhea, high blood pressure and heart problems including irregular heartbeat, and even heart attacks.

Some pills work as stimulants to boost the basal metabolism. These pills usually increase the rate of heartbeat and hence pose serious danger to those with a weak heart of undiagnosed heart ailments. There is also a problem of withdrawal from these pills quite similar to that faced by a drug addict.

Diet pills which work as appetite suppressants on the brain cause even more serious side effects including chest pain, heart damage, fever, depression, impotence and hair loss. Also appetite suppressants cause reduced intake of calories which then slows down the metabolism.

In general, it seems that the side effects of these cheap pills negates any benefit they may have and hence are not recommended unless under prescription.