The Dangers of Diet Pills

The battle of the bulge – it is one fought by people across the globe. America has now become a predominantly overweight nation with eight out of every ten people over the age of twenty-five being overweight. If you turn on the TV, you are assaulted with commercial after commercial for cheap diet pills. In an era where thin is “in”, it isn’t hard to understand why these companies sell their pills in local stores, via the internet, and through television campaigns.

Who is buying these cheap diet pills? The simple answer is just about everyone. People from all walks of life are pulling out their wallets to purchase cheap diet pills as a possible “quick fix” for long term weight loss. These companies make big promises. Whether they promise more energy, a boosted metabolism, or astonishingly quick weight loss, they all have big promises.

A consumer often purchases these cheap diet pills without doing any research. Often, losing weight the healthy way isn’t as important as losing weight. Few people stop to consider the risks of cheap diet pills.

These cheap diet pills are over the counter medications. Probably the most rapidly rising segment of the weight loss industry, these medications are often unregulated by the FDA. This sounds like a trivial fact, but it’s not. Cheap diet pills that are offered to a consumer without prescriptions have not been tested by the government, and they are not subjected to dosage and labeling requirements. Although the manufacturers of cheap diet pills claim that these are not drugs but rather food supplements, the bottom line is that these pills really are drugs.

Most of these cheap diet pills have powerful ingredients that are similar to amphetamines. The problem is that, although many deaths have been reported along with other side effects, the numbers are unclear because they are unregulated and unreported.

Some of the many side effects of cheap diet pills are a general feeling of anxiety or nervousness, heart problems, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, and even heart attacks.

As the years roll by, cheap diet pills become more and more powerful. Now, pills are being manufactured to work on the brain, reducing your appetite to aid in weight loss. The side effects of these pills are even more serious. Chest pain, fever, high blood hair loss, impotence, heart damage, depression, and anxiety are just some of the many reported risks associated with cheap diet pills.

So what is the solution? If you really want to lose weight, and you realize cheap diet pills aren’t the way to go, you may find yourself frustrated. Jumpstarting your weight loss is important to you, but you want to do it in a healthy, natural way.

One option is Hoodia Gordonii. If you haven’t heard of Hoodia yet, you will soon. Recently featured on 60 Minutes and the Today shows, this revolutionary weight loss tool is actually a cactus-like plant that’s been around for centuries. Bushmen used it to ward off hunger since it actually tricks your body into thinking you’ve eaten. Before you dismiss the idea as another mind-controlling cheap diet pill, remember that Hoodia is a vegetable, not a drug, and completely safe. By incorporating this African plant into your diet, you could lose weight quickly and safely.